Hey Folks

James Gray is a singer/songwriter from Muskoka Ontario. James writes songs about the stories and experiences of everyday life. For the past few years Gray has been touring throughout Canada, Western Europe and recently Australia. 

While on tour James has been promoting his albums Home To Me & Bigger Things and is currently working on a third release.

Most notably, James was the musical guest at the TED talks held on the west coast of Canada, and most recently his songs have received countless airplay on CBC Canadian Radio programs including CBC’s “Ontario Morning” with Wei Chen.

James Gray sings songs of poignant honesty with just enough grit in his voice to make you feel he has lived through the hard times and is here to tell you about it. His songs create a subtle yet striking landscape in your mind.”

~ Oh Susanna

“James has that uncanny natural ability to cut straight to the heart with emotion and believability, a real gem.”

~ Shannon Lyon